Seminar "Shaping Identities - shaping societies"
Piekary, Poland 25-31 January 2016

Supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe

Within the theme of the year, Building peaceful societies, the seminar “Shaping identities – shaping societies” initiated the discussion on today’s role of AFS in building peaceful societies. The event involved 25 representatives of 15 AFS organisations from the EFIL network. The main focus of the event was on personal and group identities – their growing complexity and fading connection with geography and ethnicity on one hand, and their role in conflict situations and the mechanisms of “othering” on the other hand. Exploring these topics was additionally enriched by several experiential activities using the Betzavta method, which aims to bring to light dilemmas and conflicts, both in society and in oneself. An important programme element was also a visit to the Auschwitz/Birkenau museum, where many links between past and present were made. In the last part of the seminar, the group moved on to making recommendations and future plans for AFS, to bring in the project outcomes to practice. 

Seminar on SEE cooperation, with the focus focused on post-war reconciliation and regional programme cooperation
Bosnia and Herzegovina, March 2016

Programme Directors' Meeting
Cork, Ireland 7-11 March 2016

Online advacocy course for EPOR members and Advacocy Liasons
March-June 2016

Seminar  “Islam in Europe – between assimilation and rejection”
Dilbeek, Belgium, 5-11 April 2016

European Youth Event
Strasbourg, France 20-21 May 2016

Heads of Office meeting
Lisbon, Portugal May 2016 - dates to be decided

Study Session "Active Citizenship in the refugee crisis"
EYC Budapest, Hungary August 2016

Leadership and Governance seminar
Czech Republic, late August 2016 

Training for Trainers
Belgium, early November 2016

Meeting of Support Staff 
tbd, December 2016