Intercultural learning is the main objective of EFIL, therefore we engage in advocacy at European level on this topic.

We advocate for long term secondary-school exchanges as a key tool to promote intercultural learning and active citizenship, in particular as a follow up of the Paris Declaration on Promoting citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination through Education signed by the EU Ministers of Education in Paris on 17th March 2015.
- 2 December 2015 - European Parliament, 
debate 'Education in Promoting Intercultural Dialogue and Citizenship'. Roberto Ruffino speaking in the Panel discussion. 
- 3 December 2015 - Committee Education and Culture of the European Parliament - Interparliamentary Committee Meeting on the topic ‘Education and Youth’. Roberto Ruffino speaking about '‘Practising youth civic engagement and active citizenship’ through intercultural exchanges.

We advocate for Quality intercultural exchanges:
- within the European Platform for Learning Mobility
- within the Lifelong Learning Platform,  its Manifesto 'Building the Future of Learning in Europe' and 
its Position paper on 'Education to foster Intercultural Understanding and Solidarity in Europe'
- at specific events with like minded organisations: 'Learning mobility: yes, but quality mobility!', 1st December 2015, Brussels

We advocate for keeping intercultural competences high in the EU Education,Training&Youth agenda and in the Council of Europe agenda.
- contribution to the consultation on the revision of ET2020 and EU skills agenda
- contribution to the Council of Europe's Framework for Competences for Democratic Culture and Intercultural Dialogue