Whether your origins in AFS were as a programme participant, a host-family or simply as a world citizen, if you're an active volunteer in AFS in Europe, this event is for you!

The initial idea of having a Summer Summit assumes bringing together around 250 AFS volunteers in order to share best practices in AFS volunteer work, to exchange tools, tips and tricks, and to create a spirit of international unity.

The general objectives of the Summit concept have been defined as:

  • to provide an opportunity for all volunteers to participate in an international event, at low cost, and to encourage them to reach out across their national borders;

  • to increase motivation and feeling of belonging to an international community of a large number of volunteers;

  • to focus on one leading theme to facilitate the sharing between volunteers from different countries;

  • to explore methods and themes new to the AFS network;

  • to create a new tradition of an annual volunteer meeting in an informal setting.

A large scale meeting, targeting a wide group of AFS volunteers of all backgrounds and ages, is an important need recognized and addressed byEFIL. Next to the usual smaller European training activities forspecific volunteer groups, in 2008 EFIL introduced a yearly Summer Summit for all interested AFS volunteers, both from within and outside Europe. A meeting of this shape contributes not only to enriching their skills but also to creating a stronger spirit of international community between national and local volunteers from different countries.