• Supported by Council of Europe and European Federation of Intercultural Education
The project team constist of 6 people:

Mila Majstorovic, AFS Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mila is an active AFS volunteer in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She herself has been an AFS exchange student in Germany and therefore knows what it means to be an embassador of your country. In this project Milla was responsible for the contents linked to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Boris Najdenovski, AFS Croatia 
Boris is the national and programme director of AFS Croatia. He has been an exchange student to the USA and an AFS volunteer for more then 20 years. In this project he is responsible for the contents linked to Croatia.

Branislav Mihajlovic, AFS Serbia
Bane is an active volunteer for AFS Serbia and has experience with movie making and graphic design. He is responsible for the contents linked to Serbia and partly for the layout of the project.

Fabio Villa, AFS Italy
Fabio is an active volunteer of AFS Italy. He has been an exchange student in Japan and joined the project due to his experience with animation, graphic design and experience in producing promotional material.

Lukas Jandac, AFS Czech Republic
Lukas is the current Chair of AFS Czech Republic. He joined this project based on his experience with branding and the production of promotional material.

Inga Menke, EFIL
Inga is the Training and Partner Development Coordinator in the EFIL office. She is coordinating the project.

The composition of the team was set beforehand to ensure that three people represent the Balkans - one from Bosnia and Herzegovina, one from Croatia and one from Serbia, two people represent other AFS partners volunteers in Europe with graphic design experience and one EFIL Training Coordinator. The team was joined later by the EFIL Intern, Giorgio Tessadri.